poniedziałek, 13 sierpnia 2012


I'm currently back home in Poland with 2 sylvanians Tommy Farthing and Freya Chocolate, They are coming back with Edith Snow warren who had stayed there half the year to go on a knitting course.On the other hand I had won two eBay auctions whilst here back at home. I had won the 4 poster bed for 4.27 pounds (not inc. P&P) and the Polar bear exchange students for 4pounds (not inc. P&P) which brings my figure count to 35! hoping to post more soon! take care Dalia/Natalia.

piątek, 3 sierpnia 2012

New new new

Hello people! This is the owner of the blog from now on i will try to be more active on this blog post a bit more regualrly and talk in my and the sylvanians point of view. Today I have packed up all my sylvanians and sorted them out , i'm going away on holiday and i do not want anythign to get lost. I have finnaly joined the sylvanian club and got my Dante wedding couple and they adopted a carry case baby - Tommy farthing which is going on holiday with me , Edith is on holiday already. Figure count-33 17girls 16boys

sobota, 19 maja 2012

Election Results

Well here's the results clarence -6 jonathan -3 frasier -9 Well done all! Freya here! loving my new bedroom curtains,new duvet and pillow,My mother has had the twins Kebe and Breeze And the Bamboo Panda Family have Moved in and still run their Chinese and pizza place called Bamboo Palace! wishing everyone a happy week today! xx Freya

piątek, 20 kwietnia 2012

Me me me

I'm letting all my Cherry Creek friends write on this now.
Freya Chocolate: I'm new to cherry creek I live with my parents I love it here!!
Teri Chocolate: My daughter loves it here so do I and my Husband
Fraiser Chocolate: Loving it here!! loads of cocoa beans for my chocolate here!
Lettuce: Radish has got a new friend!
Clarence: I built the nursery and the nursery is now officially open!!
Tam: Freya is a really good friend and she's getting custom made dresses lucky!I don't wear them!
Mr&Mrs Butterglove: it's funny how the new arrivals in Cherry Creek get spoilt every time.
As not man you you know the Cherry Creek Election will be held soon here are the people to participate

Clarence Snow-Warren: I will keep everything in tip top condition and look after everything.Vote for mee!

Jonathan Butterglove: I will make sure the streets are not dirty and more eco friendly.Vote me!

Fraiser Chocolate: I will make sure the chocolate will be at it finest so will the streets of the Town-To-Be and the houses Vote for me!

Anyone voting? Yes!

Scores so far
Fraiser: 7Votes
Good luck everyone!!

niedziela, 29 stycznia 2012